1992 car seat

We all know that car seats come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes. I’ve got a lot of them, and they all have their pros and cons. This one is for me.

First of all, it’s the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in, and I’ve sat in over 50 of them already. Of course, you have to actually put your body in the seat (which you probably won’t be able to do in this vehicle), but that part is well worth it. And that’s not even the most impressive part of this seat.

The most impressive part of this car seat is that it actually comes with a manual. Like, literally! There is a button that lets you open the glove box and get to the manual. The manual is completely clear and easy to read. This is a good thing. So you can read it while you’re driving and you won’t have to keep rereading it as you’re getting ready to sit in the car.

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