I’ve always been a big fan of car seats. I know many would disagree with me on this point. The truth is, I don’t care for them. I don’t think they’re needed, I don’t really like them, and I certainly don’t think they are a necessity. I’ve even stated that I don’t like the smell of them.

Ive always felt that car seats should be as cheap as possible. The only reason I dont buy one is because I know a car seat is not needed for my child. As for the smell, well there is nothing wrong with the smell of the seat, in my opinion. I do however have a few issues with the car seat smell, and thats why I dont buy one.

The smell is a problem because it is distracting. I recently had to change my child from a different car seat and I was forced to change her too. It took me ages to get her in the car seat and it then took me even longer to get her in her car seat. I kept having to change her every time I took her out of the car and it was just so frustrating.

As you change your child around your seat it is a good idea to also change her diaper. The smell of the seat and the diaper make it very difficult to do so. The seat has a very large plastic compartment and the seat itself is made of a very thin material that allows the smell to easily permeate the seat. The diaper smells great though and I have no issues with that either.

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