I’m not making a joke, nor am I saying these two vehicles are the same. These are two very different vehicles that were once owned by two very different individuals. I’m talking about the 86 Lincoln town car, which was owned by a guy named Richard who was an avid collector of cars. The town car is a three-door sedan that was built in 1955.

Richard owned the car, and he’s still alive. He’s currently running his own business, but he still enjoys being a car collector. He owns an antique car show in the city and has a lot of antique cars that have been sitting around since the 50s.

When I got the car I was surprised to find out that its original owner was a guy named Richard who had owned the car for a long time. He really liked to collect cars, so I figured he’d be the one to own it after all. The best part of owning the car was that it still had some of Richard’s old parts in it, and I had it for over a decade before I finally got the chance to put it on the road.

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