You can’t help but remember that the “cover up” is a very literal act of covering over your car. This is a great way to cover the car up with a blanket or to keep your car’s windows up, and then just leave it there.

Yes, this is true. In fact, when you’ve covered over your car, you can still see that it still looks like a car. So just like a blanket or a piece of clothing, a cover up is more than just a physical object. It can still be an act of covering up the car, and the best way to do that is by covering over the car with a blanket.

Yep, you can cover a car with a blanket. But it’s good to use a cover up that is a little more subtle, like a blanket, or a small blanket, or a large blanket, or a large blanket that you can stick on the windshield. This way, the blanket covers up the car, but still lets you see that it looks like a car.

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