What if you were to put gas in a car that was parked in the garage and not yet in use? Not only would you not have to worry about the gas, but you would have a way to get it whenever you needed it.

This is a great idea. It makes a lot of sense. But the reality is that most garage doors are not equipped to handle gas pressure. So you would have to make the garage door work with a pump. What that pump would need is a gas line that is already connected to the garage. To get that gas pressure going you’d have to attach a gas gong to the garage door and have an electric motor that draws gas from the line into the gong.

As it turns out, the pump and gong can both be made from ordinary household appliances if you have an electric drill and an electric motor that can move heavy objects. There are some other cool things that you can do with the gong as well, such as running a hose through the gong to let gas escape.

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