I have never had horns on my car, but I am aware of several people who have and I’m certain they are not in a good way. Perhaps they are simply out of practice, or perhaps they don’t have time to keep their horns on their vehicles, but either way, I feel bad for them.

Personally, I see horns as another way to show off a car. And I can see myself using horns in that way. Some cars have horns that you can see from a very long way away (like a car’s bumper sticker), but some cars have horns that you can only see from a very short distance (like the horns of your cell phone). Personally, I would never use my horns to advertise my car, but I would definitely use them to advertise my car.

The horns on a car are a visual representation of the sound they make. They’re also a means of advertising the sound they make. By using them to advertise a car’s horn, you’re able to achieve a more organic visual effect that’s less noticeable, and therefore more believable.

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