I always wanted to try and make a horn that would be useful in any music situation. So, I began designing one. The horn is made of an aluminum core and a fiberglass shell. It is an incredibly portable horn that would be great for home or car horns. It has a resonating cavity that provides the sound that you would expect from any horn.

I don’t think it would be just for horns though, but it would be fantastic to have a horn that has a special effect that could be used in a variety of situations from a horn that helps people drive, to a horn that makes a noise that you can blow over people or something like that. It could also serve as a musical instrument, and be used in a variety of ways to enhance the experience of a performance.

I don’t know what is going to happen with the horn, or if it will even ever be made, but it is a great idea for a horn. I think the only reason we have horns is because of the sound, which is awesome. It could be used to make sound effects, or just be a decorative item.

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