What we don’t realize is that we are using the cover of our car as a makeshift barrier for our foot and hand to enter and exit our car. This can cause quite a bit of damage to our cars if they are parked in the garage, so we should be removing the plastic cover. This can be done by placing a thick piece of cloth or paper over the plastic cover.

I have seen accidents where a person had their hands and feet trapped in a car and then the plastic cover had been removed. To do this correctly you need to remove the plastic cover with your hands. If you have to remove the plastic cover yourself, take off the plastic cover with your hands and place the cloth over the plastic cover and use your hand to pull the cloth off.

When I was a kid I used to think it was an easy way to get out of my car but then I saw a kid who got trapped. He had a plastic cover over part of his car but when he took off the cover he was stuck. He had to be pulled by his friend.

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