I’ve never had any problem opening a locked car door. The only thing I use tools for is to find a key in the glove box. The reason I don’t use keys is because keys are a pain to keep, but I’ve found that locking the car door doesn’t make opening it any less difficult.

Theres a tool called a key-fob that I use to do this, and its not as hard to use as you think. Just pick your knob, twist the key, and it unlocks the car door. However, if you dont have the right key (or need a very expensive key to do the job), you can just use a screwdriver or a small drill.

If you can’t find the key, its still pretty easy to open your car’s door. Just use a screwdriver to unlock the door, and then you can pull out the key. If you’re looking for a more fun or exciting way to open a car door, try breaking the lock. You could make a fake key and insert it into the lock, and then with the help of a screwdriver you could actually get the door open.

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